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Apprenticeship Programs

The Best Teacher is Experience

Apprenticeship Programs

Learn From Those Who Do it Best

Each week starts with formal learning and exercises led by the world’s top performers, best-selling authors, and industry experts (via live stream). With this knowledge, apprentices will work to implement what they’ve learned at local businesses under the supervision of experienced professionals – guiding you step-by-step through each project and providing greater responsibility as your abilities grow.

Real-World Projects: Skin-in-the-Game

All apprenticeship programs at RebilderX are for a real companies, demanding real results. This responsibility creates a highly motivated environment that rapidly develops your creative thinking and problem solving abilities. While good test grades in college don’t mean much after you graduate, successful projects and apprenticeships at RebilderX could keep you well-paid for life.

Learn How to Think, Not What to Think

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Since RebilderX requires you to immediately implement what you learn, developing the capability to ask the right questions, create custom-solutions, and successful execute your plan is the top priority of each program. This ability to learn on the fly and adapt to any circumstance is an invaluable resource – no matter how old you are or what you’re working on.

Degree ≠ Job

Experience = Job


Guaranteed Employment

RebilderX guarantees competitive, full-time job offers within 3 months of program graduation or we’ll hire you on full-time until one is available.


Employer Guarantee

Our employer guarantee means that we’re often the first place employers come for new hires – thousands of open positions not available to the general public.

The Only "Credential" That Matters

A resume full of successful real-world projects, a portfolio full of client work, and/or dozens of positive customer reviews is the best indicator of future success and competence – no matter if you’re hiring a Fortune 500 CEO or a plumber.  By time you complete a RebilderX program, you’ll have completed 12+ successful apprenticeships with dozens of real achievements, hundreds of happy customers, and a professional network that spans the globe.


Specialize or Generalize

Follow a curriculum or design one as you go based on your unique interests and goals. Learn at your own pace – full-time, double-time, or part-time.

Learn Anywhere

With 110+ centers opening around the globe, you can explore the world while completing your program or stay in one location the entire time – it’s up to you!

Six levels of learning

RebilderRank awards credits for the degree of proficiency, skill, and responsibility demonstrated during each RebilderX apprenticeship. With enough credits you’ll be able to access increasingly advanced opportunities and responsibilities.

Additional Details

Each program lasts 8-24 months depending on the amount of daily work

Programs contain 12+ apprenticeships lasting 4-8 weeks each on average (all different)

RebilderRank tracks your ability, skill, project quality, and results — not grades

Work with local professionals and industry experts to build an extensive network

Everyone starts at minimum wage – earn raises and/or bonuses after each successful project

Get Started Today

RebilderX apprenticeship programs are open year-round. Send in your application now to get the approval process started at your desired time and location.