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Sales & Business Dev.

Leads, Materials, and Support

RebilderX sales and business development Services support your team to refine outreach strategies, streamline your funnel, improve customer relations, and ultimately increase your sales. Each campaign is designed specifically for your products and market for results that significantly boost your bottom line.


Streamline Your Process

Insight, Materials, Support

With insights and training from the top experts, we’ll help you reach out to new clients, design sales materials, guide prospects through your funnel, and maintain existing relationships.

Marketing and Promotion Services

10x Your Team

More Sales, Lower Costs

Our apprentices can work as independent sales/BD professionals or support existing staff – leaving you to focus your time and effort on the most business critical tasks while cutting client acquisition costs.



Fully Managed, Easy Approval

Get personally involved in daily efforts or take a more hands-off approach and let our professionals guide the day-to-day process. Either way, you’ll always be kept informed of our activity and progress.

Employees as a Service (EaaS)

Hire flexible support for existing teams or short-
term help for special projects or initiatives

RebilderX Sales and Business Development Services enables you to add people to your team with the click of a button. These apprentices will still be managed by our senior directors, but they’ll spend most of their time working alongside you and your staff.

Quick Start Projects

Sales Support Resources

Improve your conversions and results with professionally quality case studies, data sheets, and easily spreadable content like infographics.

Pitch Deck

Professional Pitch Deck

Optimize your pitch with a beautiful, modern pitch deck that looks amazing on paper or on a projector. Improve your visual communication to close more sales.

Commission Sales Team

Boost your sales by offering apprentices with commissions and rewards for making a sale through direct outreach, affiliate marketing, and other methods.

Sales Funnel Optimization

We’ll breakdown your sales funnel using any available data you may have to identify bottle necks, weak points, and areas that could be improved to maximize sales.

Departments as a Service (DaaS)

Day-to-day initiatives and long-term campaigns
directed by you, managed by us

RebilderX Business Photos

Free Professional Photo Shoot

Register now and our media and marketing teams will stop by for a professional photo shoot for you, your employees, products, and office at no cost. Use the photos for whatever you’d like! Great for websites, social media, events, and other platforms to create a sense of trust and professionalism for your entire company.

An Expert

The Power of a Sales/BD
Expert Without the Costs


RebilderX Sales and BD support experts work alongside your staff to increase the amount and quality of the work they do each day. From improving your sales materials to taking over certain processes like cold calling, lead generation, or follow-ups, we’re here to maximize the efficiency of your department.


  • Cold outreach
  • Materials development
  • Broad/community sales initiatives
  • On-site client maintenance/support
  • Full bi-weekly analysis
  • Comprehensive area market report
  • Referral and social sales programs
  • Customer tracking/analytics
  • Guaranteed results

Starts at $99/Week

A Team

A Dedicated, Local Team for
Your Products and Business


Our Team package assigns an entire team to provide comprehensive sales and BD services. Whether you’re just starting out, entering a new market, or simply want to grow your team, our custom solutions will get the job done right.


  • Everything from “Community”
  • Full sales/BD team
  • Script/process planning
  • Conversion/funnel optimization
  • Cost and efficiency analysis
  • New market testing
  • Guerrilla initiatives
  • Product optimization/analysis
  • Dedicated, in-person support

Starts at $619/Week

An entire team for less than hiring
a full-time employee for $15/hour

A Department

Full Sales/Biz Dev Department
for Multi-Channel Expansion


For maximum growth, the RebilderX Department package provides an entire corporate team from Sales, BD, media, and copywriting to create sales/BD systems with an enterprise appearance, reach, and results.


  • Everything from “Team”
  • Comprehensive services
  • Full sales funnel development
  • Complete outreach systems
  • Full content creation teams
  • Field visits/sales
  • B2B partner events
  • PR/press initiatives
  • Much, much more…

Starts at $1799/Week

Half the cost a full-time, senior marketing expert with 20+ years of experience

Initial meeting Rebilderx

Initial Analysis and Sit-Down

Before starting, we’ll perform a comprehensive on-site analysis with your team to discuss strategy, pressing problems, plans for the future, and what we can accomplish over the coming years together.

RebilderX Approval

Review and Final Approval

Remain in complete control of your branding and messaging. Before we begin any initiative, you’ll receive a complete overview of the plan, media, and all the copy involved for management approval.


Strict Partner Standards

If your product or service quality cuts corners and you’re not willing to put in the effort needed to improve, we’ll provide a pro-rated refund and you’ll be denied further opportunities with RebilderX.

RebilderX Professional Services

Switch Services at No Cost

Want to focus on marketing this week, web design next week, and sales the following month? No problem! Switch between all our services as needed with just the click of a button to allocate resources where you need them most. Browse Services.

Ready to Learn More?

Customized Services for Each Business and Location

Let us know basic details about your company and we’ll send you additional information and answer any questions you may have.