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Active Real Estate Media Package


Active Real Estate Media Package

$549 $179

2-3 Minute Video and 12-15 photos

For a limited time, our media and marketing apprentices are offering local real estate agents “active video tours” and photography of residential and commercial properties. From families and couples enjoying their new home to workers or businessmen arriving at an office park, we’ll include people and props (i.e. toys, food, vehicles, etc…) so that viewers can easily visualize a perfect future at each of your listings. Video EXAMPLE.

Themes: Luxury (young), Luxury (middle-age), Family (children), Family (teens), Retirement, middle-class cozy, Romantic, Active/Healthy, Fixer Upper, and more.

Final deliverables will be produced using the latest equipment, hands-on guidance/supervision from the most experienced local professionals, and are guaranteed for quality, appearance, and content. Videos are 2-3 minutes long and showcase all the primary indoor and outdoors areas of a property through scripted scenes and scenarios. 12-15 photos of these scenes are also included. We offer a 100% guarantee on everything we produce. If you don’t like it, we can either refund or reshoot – it’s up to you.

Complete your purchase now to reserve your spot. One of our local supervisors will contact you via phone or email within 48 hours to discuss your properties and schedule shoot-dates – starting as early as 2-3 days.


Product Description

People don’t buy products because of what those products do, they buy products because of what they can do — or what they imagine they can do — with them. Property is no different. People aren’t buying just a building, they’re buying a vision of a better future. The easier it is for them to imagine that perfect future, the faster they’ll buy and the more they’ll be willing to pay.

Active video tours and photos are designed to do just that by showing them exactly how those dreams will appear. We use beautiful cinematography and the latest equipment, lighting, and drones to create scenes that fulfill the dreams of your target buyer. Whether it’s the joy of raising a family, adventure, or a luxurious lifestyle that few can afford, we’ll create videos turn their dreams into reality.

Normally this would be too expensive for all but the most expensive homes, but our apprentice program enables you to do it for a fraction of the price without sacrificing any quality. Our models, photographers, and videographers are all aspiring professionals and receive weekly training and lessons from some of the top experts in the world. All our apprentices are heavily vetted and are required to abide by strict standards of professionalism at all times.

Finally, all our work is guaranteed – if it’s not up to your standards, we’ll reshoot or refund.